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Teeter Inversion Table- Stretch Your Back and Relax Your Body!
Teeter EP-550 Inversion Table
Get real life-improving results with the EP-550 Inversion Table from Teeter Hang-ups.

Nature's Approach Herbal Neck Ring- A Soothing Relaxation Favorite! Our Neck Ring herbal pack is the perfect herbal remedy for treating the whole neck, upper back, and shoulders by getting to those painful and hard to reach areas all at once!

Jobri BetterPosture Jazzy F1446 Memory Foam Kneeling Chair- Jobri BetterPosture Jazzy F1446 Memory Foam Kneeling Chair. Great for your back and looks snazzy enough for any office environment.

Relaxing Resources
Relaxation Meditation for Seniors- Transcendental Meditation technique may drastically reduce the medical costs of seniors.

Relaxation Exercises- simple exercise tools for you to use to control tension and enhance relaxation in both your mind and body. Learning and practicing relaxation and stress relief methods can have a profound positive impact on your personal well-being.

Let's Get a Handle on Stress
What is Stress? Learn what stress is so that you can get a grasp on just what you're dealing with and how to best cope with or address it.

Why do we feel Stressed? Lets discuss what it is that causes us to feel stressed out. If we know and understand the causes, we can decide whether our existing coping strategies will be sufficient in handling the stress effectively

How can you tell that you are overly stressed? While a certain level of stress seems to come along with being human, there are many of us that seem to push the threshold daily. This page has some good mental and physical indicators of whether you are approaching (or already exceeding) that "normal" level of stress.

How to respond to your high-stress environment? Learn how to plan on reducing stress in your daily life as opposed to simply reacting to it (which seems to be the normal, common, natural human response.

100+ Ways to Cope with Stress- A growing list of simple suggestions and techniques that can help you get a handle on the high level of stress in your daily life. Remember, it's the simplest things that sometimes mean the most... is Your #1 Source for Products to Relax Your Back, Body and Lifestyle Your #1 Source for Relaxation, Back, Body and Massage Products- Over 40,000 Products In Stock for Fast Shipping!

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